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Премиум сорта на ваш вкус

The coffee beans Mauceri are produced with seven valuable blends, prepared by selecting the best coffees, and is obtained by means of a process of slow roasting, which allows roasting the coffee in a more uniform way, so guaranteeing a more intense taste. Its yearly production, which is partly distributed to its customers with the corporate brand and partly sold wholesale to sub-contractors, is of about 245.000 kg per year. On the other hand, pods, as it happens for capsules, are mainly produced with 4 blends (Elite, GranBar, Superior, and Decaffeinato). The pods, standard E.S.E. whose weight is 7.5 g and which are compatible with all the models for espresso, have a low environmental impact, because they are produced with filter paper composed of completely biodegradable vegetable fibres. They are produced in a protected atmosphere and are sold, mainly wholesale, in boxes containing 150 pieces. About 5.000 cartons of them are sold per year. The capsules, F.A.P. format, whose weight is of 7 g, are marketed in boxes containing 100 pieces and allow obtaining an excellent drink, thanks to a hard case which bears a higher supply pressure, so allowing the highest extraction of coffee.